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Al Quoz

Al Quoz, located in the heart of Dubai, is a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood known for its thriving art and culture scene. If you're planning to explore this cultural hub, consider enhancing your visit by renting a car from Autostrad Rent A Car.

Why Choose Autostrad Rent A Car for Your Dubai Adventure?

  • Diverse Fleet: Whether you're an art enthusiast or a traveler, our wide range of vehicles caters to your transportation needs.
  • Competitive Prices: Our affordable rates allow you to explore Al Quoz without exceeding your budget.
  • Easy Booking: Our online reservation system ensures a hassle-free booking process, and your car will be ready upon your arrival.
  • Flexible Options: We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental options, as well as long-term rentals for extended stays.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: All our cars come with comprehensive insurance for your safety and peace of mind.

Exploring Al Quoz and Its Cultural Offerings

With a rental car from Autostrad, you can explore the vibrant cultural scene of Al Quoz and its surrounding attractions:

  • Art Galleries: Visit the numerous art galleries in Al Quoz, showcasing the works of both local and international artists.
  • Alserkal Avenue: Explore the creative hub of Alserkal Avenue, home to galleries, theaters, and unique cultural experiences.
  • Street Art: Drive through the streets of Al Quoz to admire stunning street art and murals.
  • Cafes and Boutiques: Discover charming cafes, boutiques, and artisan shops in the neighborhood.

Make your visit to Al Quoz, Dubai, a memorable cultural journey with a rental car from Autostrad Rent A Car. Book your car today and enjoy the convenience of exploring this vibrant neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Age: Renters must be 21 years old for the rental of cars falling under group A to group E. And from car group F to Car group LC, the renter must have completed at least 25 years of age.

Passport copy with visa page or Emirates ID

A valid credit card in his/her own name

Valid Driving license requirement: International renters or authorized drivers must present a valid driving license from their country of origin. If the driving license is in a language other than English, a valid International Driver's Permit must also be presented.

For UAE residents: Only UAE licenses are allowed for UAE residents which have completed at least 1 year from the date of issue. If not then residents can provide their home country license as a supporting document to rent a car.

For Visitors:  Visitors are encouraged to have an international driving license prior to arrival to the UAE. Citizens of 26 nationalities who are allowed to drive with licenses issued from their home countries during their visit to the UAE are Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Spain, Holland, Greece, Sweden, Romania, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, France, UK, Norway, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

Nationals from Greece, Turkey, Canada, Japan, and South Korea need to obtain the legal translation of driving licenses from their home countries attested from their embassies or consulates in order to be able to drive in the UAE with such permits after their arrival in the country on a visit visa.

The minimum rental period is 24 hours.

The vehicle is rented with a full tank or partial tank.  The vehicle should be returned at the same level.
The hirer should return the vehicle with the same fuel level as given, if not, the hirer will be charged with the cost of fuel plus 20% service charge.

In the unforeseen circumstances of your vehicle being involved in an accident, please note that the vehicle should not be moved from the point of the accident or damage; you have to notify the police (Call 999) and remain with the vehicle to obtain a police report. Otherwise, the hirer will be held responsible for the entire cost of damage to the vehicle. On receiving the same, report it to Autostrad Rent A Car 24/7 service number 8002772

Renters are not permitted to take the vehicle outside UAE. However, it is possible to take the vehicle to Oman subject to insurance approval & written authorization from Autostrad Rent a car. Please contact the branch for procedures and charges.

All of our vehicles are installed with Salik / DARB and will be charged AED 5/- per crossing at the Salik / DARB in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The parking fee is to be paid directly by customers at parking meters during their rental period. A service charge in addition to the cost of the violation may be assessed to defer the cost of collection.

Traffic Fines will be charged to the customer’s card inclusive of an administration fee of AED 50.

one-time surcharge of AED 50 is applicable on all rentals at our Dubai Airport Branches.

Yes, it is possible. If it is outside the city limits, Inter-emirate fees will be charged (per trip & depending on emirates booked). This happens if the Emirate where the vehicle is to be picked up is different to the Emirate where it will be returned to.

Inter Emirates Tariff rates range from AED 50 - 200 per trip and will be paid at the branch upon pickup or return of the car.
This rate is excluded from the website's total cost.  Please call your respective branch to check the specific rates depending on the Emirates you booked.

Below are the Emirates where we have branches:

  • Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Ruwais.
  •  Dubai & Northern Emirates: Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah & Ras Al Khaimah.

- Northern Emirates: Sharjah, Fujairah & Ras Al Khaimah
· Abu Dhabi; Al Ain and Ruwais

Yes, Autostrad offers roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.

Please note you must possess a credit card to rent a car from us. You can also use a credit card of your friend or family as a guarantee. However that person needs to accompany you at the time of rental.

Credit card is required as a guarantee against payment for the traffic fine/salik/any other traffic violation/damage to the vehicle/all extras other than the rental paid at the time of rental.

Yes, provided the person is present at the time of signing the contract.

We will block a Pre-Authorization Amount of a minimum of AED 1000 on your credit card. This amount will be released automatically within 14-30 days from closing of contract. Upon off hire of the vehicle, the amount is auto released by banks within 2 weeks of being charged.

We will charge AED 1000 from your credit card as an advance. The deposit sum is refunded back after a month from the date of off-hire after the necessary deductions i.e. Traffic Fines, Salik/ DARB (if applicable)

The 1000 AED is deposited 30 days after the return of the vehicle / end of contract. This is due to delayed traffic fines at the Traffic Department in UAE.

The rate quoted at the time of reservation is an approximate total based on the rental terms indicated by you at the time the vehicle is reserved and often does not include optional services or additional charges for fuel, traffic fine, Salik, etc. that occur at the time of rental or return. Autostrad automatically pays for the fines and charges clients on monthly payments.

Refunds on your purchases are done automatically and seamlessly after we receive your cancellation request. However, depending upon the individual’s bank requirement, the amount may take up to a month to reflect in your card statement.

Unlimited mileage on daily and weekly rentals. Customers with a monthly rental agreement (MRA) and long-term agreement with Autostrad Rent a Car can drive 3000 km monthly. Any accrued mileage beyond the limit is charged at AED 50 fills to 1 Dirham per km based on the car group. 

Customer has to notify 500 kms before reaching the service due mark to ensure timely replacement and avoid costs arising from service due

Extension/Amendment of contract can be done by personally visiting the branch.

Child/Baby Seats or GPS Navigators can be provided for an additional charge.

Autostrad Rent A Car offers you 24hr breakdown and roadside assistance. In the event that you may require any assistance, you can call our toll free service number – 8002772.

Not to put you through inconvenience, we can deliver and collect vehicles right at your doorstep. Please note that in some cases a small charge will be charged depending on the distance.

A) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)
B) Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

CDW: Additional insurance coverage is offered to an individual renting an automobile. Collision Damage Waiver or CDW is optional, with the cost of the waiver depending on a variety of factors including the type of rental car and where the car is being driven. The waiver typically covers damage to a rental car but is unlikely to cover bodily injury caused by an accident.

Renters can purchase a collision damage waiver by paying an additional daily fee on top of the rental car fee. The CDW provides a level of protection for the renter that covers damage to the rental car and reduces the excess amount of  AED 500 to AED 1000. If the car is damaged then the renter is not responsible for the repairs to AUTOSTRAD as well as for any loss of use fees that may accrue while the rental car is being repaired but is still liable to pay AED 1000.

Super CDW: Renters can purchase SCDW only when they have CDW cover with them. Super CDW reduces the customer’s liability to ZERO. Renters will not be paying anything to AUTOSTRAD for damage or repairs.

PAI – Is an additional extra that you may avail when you pick up your hire vehicle. PAI is an additional insurance which covers the authorized driver(s) and passengers in the hire vehicle for death, disability and medical expenses.

PAI provides Accidental Death and Medical Insurance protection to you and your passengers in the event of accidental death or bodily injury for the duration of the rental. Your passengers will also be covered but only while they are in the rented car.

No. PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)is optional for clients who purchase it, although it is highly recommended for personal safety.

The customer will be responsible for the settlement of the insurance excess or deductible amount which is listed on the vehicle hire agreement. In the event of any damage or loss [including fire and theft] caused to the vehicle, provided it is used, operated or driven in conformity with the vehicle in the agreement.  NOTE: A valid police report is mandatory

Additional/optional items such as fuel, optional coverages selected at the time of rental, Salik/ DARB, surcharge, etc. are not included in the pre-paid amount unless it is specifically noted that certain options are included.

Special insurance and a permit are required to do so. This can easily be arranged at any of our branches for a small price. If the hirer is traveling to Oman, he needs to collect an Oman Insurance certificate from any Autostrad Rent A Car branch in UAE. Charges vary based on the vehicles, time, and period.