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Who is it right for?
  • Are you a business or a company looking for vehicles to transport your goods, materials or to simply provide an option to commute your employees?
  • Does your enterprise require many vehicles?
  • Do you want to avoid paying lump sum amounts to purchase your own vehicles?
  • Are you looking for a professional fleet management service at a fixed cost, to free up your time and resources so you can focus on running your business?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes then you and your company will definitely benefit from leasing your corporate fleet from Autostrad Rent a Car.

Why choose Autostrad Rent A Car?

Autostrad Rent A Car has become one of the leading transport solution providers in the UAE market for corporate leasing and fleet management solutions. We provide our services with proven expertise and experience in managing lease operations.

Sectors we cater to
  • Vehicles for company executives including senior management

  • Sales and Field force vehicle requirement

  • Distribution of perishable food and non-food items

  • Construction & project related movement of goods and manpower

  • Hotels and travel sector requirements for guest movement

  • Logistics sector requirements

  • Oil & Gas sector field movements

End to End solutions we provide
  • Complete fleet life cycle management services including analysis and advisory of fleet usage

  • MIS & Reports provided

  • Dedicated lease experts and coordinators for large fleet support

  • Network in 5 Emirates to ensure accessibility & faster service delivery

  • Complete freedom to choose vehicle of choice from any manufacturer

  • Customized vehicle solutions completely tailored to your business needs

  • Vehicles with Luxurious interiors and hygienically cleaned to meet our 4-point safety system, driven by certified drivers, to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for your staff after a hard day’s work!

  • Flexible lease options with no hidden costs

  • Single monthly bill covering entire vehicle usage activity

  • Pick up & Drop facility for fleet services

  • With our strong fleet replacement vehicles will be provided to ensure uninterrupted mobility

  • Paper less approach to vehicle delivery & services

  • World Class customer service, with 24/7 breakdown and recovery service

  • Minimum administration procedures

  • Customer portal access to coordinators and drivers/users

  • Vehicle tracking and smart diagnostic services

  • Health & Safety assessment with accident history tracking, analysis & reporting

  • Optional Services like Project Management & Value-Added Services

  • Easy Exit facility

Advantages of leasing a fleet of vehicles over owning a fleet for your corporate fleet requirements

Criteria Company Owned Fleet Leasing From Autostrad Rent a Car
Best Vehicle purchase pricing You need to negotiate for each vehicle Managed for you along with best prices as a fleet buyer
Insurance You will need cover as per business requirement Managed for all kinds of business requirements at best possible price
Salik & Traffic fines management Keep track of payment & details Managed for you and payments to be made on monthly basis
Vehicle routine service tracking Need to keep track of service intervals and coordinate with various garages depending on make/model of vehicle Managed completely by Autostrad Rent A Car
Vehicle break down Arrange break down assistance and get alternate mobility arranged Managed completely by Autsotrad Rent A Car
Repairs, tyres and battery replacement Get correct diagnosis for repairs, best prices for tyres and timely battery replacements Managed completely by Autostrad Rent A Car
Accident management Manage insurance claims, coordinate with garages for timely and quality work Managed completely by Autsotrad Rent A Car
Insurance renewal, registration renewal Keep track of timely renewals, cost of renewal negotiations and ensure vehicle registration renewal is done within timeline after due technical passing of vehicle from the authorities Completely managed with no interruption and hassle to the customer
Replacement vehicle requirement Need to arrange alternate vehicle due to issues such as service, repairs, or break down to ensure mobility Uninterrupted mobility is assured
Cost budgeting Unknown and uncertain Pre-budgeted with no surprises
Sale of vehicle after useful life Get correct re-sale value and transfer safely No risk as taken care by the leasing company
The Autostrad Rent a Car Leasing Process

At Autostrad Rent A Car we make leasing as easy as we can with minimal paperwork. After receiving an initial sales inquiry, we set up a meeting to assess your requirements and understand any further needs that you may have as we believe in providing tailor-made solutions to suit our client’s needs. Based on this we then present to you a solution proposal. Upon agreement to this proposal, we only require a few documents:

  • A valid trade license copy
  • A valid tax certificate copy
  • A valid copy of passport, VISA, EID of the authorized signatory and his power of attorney

The above is then submitted for document verification and approval. Once cleared, all we require is a signature from the Hirer on the VLC (Vehicle Leasing Contract) and you’re good to go!

What are you waiting for? Click here to choose from a variety of lease options with Autostrad Rent A Car!