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School Buses Services

Autostrad Rent A Car has been providing short & long term school bus rental leasing for prestigious schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. All our drivers are fully certified ensuring safety and care for school children and peace of mind for schools and parents.

We have a variety of Buses from top of the line brands to suit all your transport requirements. From the large 58 seater Ashok Leyland busses to the smaller 33 and 26 seater Rosa from Mitsubishi.

All our buses are equipped with these special features to ensure the safety of your child

Yellow colour school buses with the name of the school on both sides.

A surveillance system with cameras inside and outside the bus to monitor safety of the children at all times with recording backup for up to 6 months.

Seat belts with three points buckling system for added safety.

All buses have an emergency exit and are equipped with hammers and knives to break the windows or cut the seat belts in case of emergencies.

Doors sensors to ensure that the door doesn’t close while somebody is entering the bus

Fire detectors inside the engine to pre-emptively warn in case of a fire.

End to End solutions we provide for school bus leasing

Full ITC specifications, drivers, fuel and a coordinator for each school to manage the buses and drivers

Regular bus maintenance including a major servicing after each term.

Daily check- ups for all buses before the first trip.

Sterilization for all buses before and after any trip.

Replacement bus in-case of a breakdown and replacement driver in case the driver is sick.

Private and Airport Bus Rentals

We also offer safe and dependable luxury charters, airport transfers, flexible group transportation services and other transportation solutions at affordable costs to domestic and international travellers in the UAE. All our buses are equipped with comfortable reclining seats, large windows, audio/video systems, luggage racks and ample storage beneath the vehicle for your belongings so that your group travel is a breeze!