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  • May 07, 2021

Weekend By The Water?

The call of the sea is an irresistible attraction. Just the sound of the flowing waters and crashing waves is enough to fill you with a sense of calm and nostalgia. The UAE has many such locations boasting beautiful sceneries and other interesting activities unique to each location. If you’re looking to spend some time by the water this weekend then look no further than the list below. 

1.    Khor Fakkan
The name Khor Fakkan translates to ‘Creek of the Two Jaws’ reflecting its setting in a splendid bay flanked on either side by two headlands. Set up in the mountains above the town is the Al Rifaisa Dam – a holding centre to contain floodwater and to serve the settlements below. Wadi Wurrayah is a popular natural beauty site located some 15 kilometres inland from Khor Fakkan. Accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle, the Wadi offers a deep all year round pool with a seasonal waterfall. A long stretch of sandy beach backed by a promenade runs alongside the bay and is a pleasant place to wander. In one day you can experience the cooling winds from the pristine Khorfakkan beach, get closer to the shimmering waters by sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving or get adventurous with water sports. If you desire for quieter moments you can take a leisurely walk along the Khorfakkan corniche and hop on a dhow cruise and set off into the water with boat rentals and make a big catch at one of the fishing spots. 

Dubai to Khor Fakkan click here to see on map

Abu Dhabi to Khor Fakkan click here to see on map

2.    Al Qudra – Dubai
Al Qudra Lake is one of the best camping spots in the UAE. The artificial lakes surrounded by the sand dunes offer a beautiful setting for barbeque, stargazing and overnight camping. The Love Lake is filled with heart motifs and signage that identifies the best selfie points – ideal if you are on the lookout for an Insta-worthy shot. There is also a dedicated running track around the Al Qudra Love Lake. This heart-shaped lake in Dubai comes fully equipped with shaded areas, fire pits and washroom facilities. And if that isn’t enough, visiting this place is completely free of charge making it one of the best places for an affordable date night. The huge 86km path present at the location is known to be one of the best cycling trails in Dubai and is the perfect place to head to if you are looking for a way to get fit in an outdoor setting. 

Dubai to Al Qudra:- click here to see on map

Abu Dhabi to Al Qudra:- click here to see on map

3.    Musandam- Dibba
Musandam, also known as the Norway of Arabia is a peninsula located in Oman which got created as a result of barren mountains and shallow beaches. The Musandam fjords (which are a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs) would be the longing travel destination of every travel freak in the world, who would love to explore nature in its purest form. You could simply gaze at the Musandam beach, the Hajar Mountains and watch dolphins entertaining you all while on a traditional dhow cruise. If you wish to do some adrenaline-pumping activities, there are many choices for you. That is why, Musandam is highly recommended.

Dubai to Musandam- Dibba:- click here to see on map

Abu dhabi to Musandam- Dibba:- click here to see on map

4.    Fishing village of Kalba, Sharjah
The sleepy fishing village of Kalba is about 120 kilometres east of Sharjah’s main city and only 12km south of Fujairah. There’s much to love about this town: it is home to one of the oldest mangrove forests in the region, as well as rare species of birds. There are other attractions, too, such as a historic former royal residence and the Kalba Birds of Prey Centre, and then there are the scenic beaches, where local fishermen work in the mornings. Kalba is the most popular destination for ecotourism in the UAE, with opportunities to go wildlife spotting, trekking, kayaking, as well as scuba diving. Many come here to see the Arabian oryx, the national animal of the UAE, before heading to a Sharjah beach nearby. 

Dubai to Kalba:- click here to see on map

Abu dhabi to Kalba:- click here to see on map

5.    Snoopy Island, Fujairah
Snoopy Island (Jaz?rat al Ghubbah) is a small rocky island off the northern coast of the Emirate of Fujairah (United Arab Emirates) on the Gulf of Oman. The island is named after the three sections of rocks that rise up to create the nose, bulging belly and feet of the iconic image of Snoopy sleeping atop his doghouse. The island is a haven for every visitor- from snorkelers to professional divers and the occasional honeymooners looking for tranquil destinations, Snoopy Island is one of the country’s best-kept secrets.

Dubai to Snoopy Island:- click here to see on map

Abu Dhabi to Snoopy Island:- click here to see on map

6.    Wasit Wetland Centre - Sharjah
Wasit Nature Reserve is located at a meeting point between the land and the sea. It features extensive dunes, mud flats and salty lagoons, as well as fresh water pools The Wasit Wetland Centre Sharjah is home to over 198 bird species including migratory and resident birds. Massive aviaries bring visitors up close to a range of bird species including the heron, purple swamphen, white ibises and more. The guides and experts at the centre provide learning opportunities by sharing detailed information about these birds and also offer various interesting activities for kids.

Dubai to Wasit Wetland Centre click here to see on map

Abu Dhabi to Wasit Wetland Centre click here to see on map