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  • Apr 19, 2023

Rent a Car and Discover Al Ain

Al Ain is an incredible city in the United Arab Emirates with plenty to offer for every type of traveler. Whether you're looking for adventure, leisure, or cultural exploration, Al Ain has something for everyone. 

The best way to explore this city is by car. This allows you to easily access all the popular attractions, such as: 

  • Al Ain Oasis - Explore an extensive network of green spaces and ruins marked up by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Al Ain Oasis. This lush oasis features 13 kilometers of naturally irrigated gardens with over 150 varieties of palm trees. 
  • Al Ain Zoo - Home to over 4,000 animals from across 250 species, Al Ain Zoo is one of the UAE's most popular attractions for locals and tourists. You can get close to incredible creatures like lions, tigers, and meerkats here. 
  • Jebel Hafeet Mountain - Look out over the dramatic desert scenery from this towering mountain in the heart of Al Ain. Take your car up Jebel Hafeet Mountain's 12-kilometer winding road for stunning views at every turn. 
  • Al Ain Palace Museum - Formerly a private residence built in 1937 by Sheik Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan – H.H. Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed's father – this striking palace takes visitors on a journey through traditional Emirati lifestyles and living conditions.  

Renting a car gives Autostrad Rent A Car the freedom and flexibility to explore without worrying about transport so that you can make the most of your visit. Rent a car today at autostrad and start exploring these destinations so you can have an unforgettable experience in Al Ain!