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  • Dec 07, 2023

Autostrad Leads Sustainable Mobility in the UAE with 200 ‘Rabdan One’ Electric Cars Acquisition

All 200 newly acquired vehicles are leased for the prestigious COP 28 event

Company Invests AED 50 Million in Pioneering Fleet, Commits AED 200 Million for Energy-Efficient Car Expansion

By 2030, 25% of Autostrad fleet to be energy-efficient, contributing significantly to UAE's vision of achieving sustainable mobility


4th December, 2023; Abu Dhabi, UAE – Autostrad, a progressive car rental company in the UAE has taken a pioneering step toward sustainable mobility by incorporating 200 'Rabdan One' electric cars from NWTN into its fleet, thus becoming the largest electric vehicle fleet provider in the UAE.

With an investment of 50 million in this initiative and ambitious plans to commit a staggering 200 million for expanding its range of energy-efficient cars, Autostrad reaffirms its commitment to environmental responsibility. All 200 newly acquired vehicles are leased for the prestigious COP 28 event, demonstrating their dedication to supporting major international events with sustainable transportation solutions.

Karunesh Arya, General Manager of Autostrad, stated, “We are committed to the UAE's vision of achieving sustainable mobility, aiming for a 35% year-on-year growth for the next five years. By 2030, we are set to have 25% of our fleet as energy-efficient, contributing significantly to our green future.”

Arya continued, “Our belief in environmental stewardship drives us to lead by example. This investment is a testament to our dedication to operational excellence and environmental responsibility. We aim not only to enhance our efficiency but also to reduce our ecological footprint, continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of our customers and the planet.”

The ‘Rabdan One’, manufactured by UAE electric car maker NWTN, showcases innovative extended-range electric car technology and luxurious design. This dynamic, intelligent, and comfortable all-wheel-drive SUV epitomizes NWTN's commitment to green energy solutions worldwide.

Autostrad's strategic acquisition not only transforms the car rental landscape in the UAE but also offers an unparalleled blend of luxury, eco-friendliness, and comprehensive service through the 'Rabdan One' fleet.

Ahmed Abood Al Yafei, CEO of One Mobility Group, a Group Company of Autostrad, expressed their commitment to sustainability, stating, “The acquisition of the Rabdan electric fleet aligns with our strategic vision for sustainable mobility. One Mobility Group will manage after-sales service for Rabdan vehicles in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah, ensuring a comprehensive and eco-friendly service experience.”

Incorporating Rabdan's electric vehicles into its fleet is not just an enhancement of Autostrad's service offerings but also a significant contribution to global environmental initiatives. This strategic move propels Autostrad toward long-term success while embracing a greener, more sustainable future.

About ‘Autostrad Car Rental Company’

Based in Abu Dhabi, Autostrad is a progressive car rental company in the UAE, boasting a continually expanding fleet and an array of services tailored for individuals and corporations. Their offerings, including flexible kilometer options, stringent safety protocols, and convenient Home Delivery Service, highlight their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Owned by Emirati business leaders, Autostrad operates with a customer-centric philosophy. With 16 strategically located counters across the UAE and an emphasis on both offline and online expansion, they strive to enhance accessibility for their clientele. In addition to their diverse range of services, such as group transport solutions and dedicated school buses.

Autostrad remains dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for every journey, consistently aligning with their motto, "The Heart of Every Journey."