هل ترغب في توصيل السيارة إليك؟


بعد انتهاء الإيجار ، هل تريد منا استلام السيارة؟

  • May 07, 2021

الدليل الأمثل لتأجير السيارات في الإمارات

Are you planning to visit the United Arab Emirates and need a car? You're in luck! The UAE has some of the best roads with highways connecting major cities. With over 700,000 cars on the road, it is easy to find one that suits your needs. To make renting a car an even more memorable experience for you, we created  this Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car in UAE  which is an informative blog post that provides information on the various aspects of renting and driving cars.
 It includes tips for tourists, expatriates living here as well those who are looking forward towards exploring Dubai or Abu Dhabi by car during their stay at this beautiful country! The article also covers insurance coverages which will help you understand your options before finalizing any decision with regards rental contract terms & conditions so it can be a peaceful experience without  any worries. This guide would give all necessary details required while planning ahead from things  from  the  type vehicle for rent  to what documents  you would require to  drive around the UAE .
1. Which Car should  you choose ?
Cars are like clothes. You can't just choose one because it's the only thing available! When you are renting a car, it's important to know what kind of vehicle suits your needs best. When thinking about rental cars, choosing one that meets all requirements is paramount because they can be difficult to get out of tight spots if not properly sized for the task at hand. If the only thing on your mind is getting from A-to-B with as less hassle possible and don't need anything fancy, then an economy or compact car like hatchback  will suit just fine. For families out there who want more space than two seats upfront for any type of trip in town or country side alike; SUVs could be perfect because they have enough room not only for their family members but also luggage which may come up during those trips too! There are also Crossovers which offer perfect urban driving as well because they're easy enough to fit into any type parking spot without too much trouble - whether large or tiny! For those looking for luxurious comfort on their journey around town, then opting for a sedan may be right up your alley.
2.  What Kinds Of Insurance would  you Need? 
This is another important question that people often ask themselves before they start driving their rented vehicle around town or the countryside; "What kinds do insurance does my car need?" All cars are mandatorily covered under a Basic insurance policy in the UAE for vehicle damage and third party related liabilities. However, there are exclusions to the insurance cover and it is important to get your understanding around it to ensure you have a peaceful renting experience. At Fast Rent A Car, we do offer additional protection packages to cover against personal accident, nominal to Zero insurance excess Hence, it is important to have a clear understanding of the insurance cover and make your selection before finalizing. Also, be aware that a rented vehicle in UAE is not allowed for racing, off-roading or desert driving as any damages caused are not covered either through insurance or rental contract.

3. Be aware of the Documentation and legalities 
In case you are a UAE resident, must hold UAE driving license which is at least 1 year old, or accompanied with the home country license if less than 1 year. 
If you are a visitor to UAE, then your home country's driver’s licence will be accepted as long it has not expired and can still provide an international translation if required by law enforcement authorities in case they stop or pull over while on road patrol duty at any time during your stay . 

4.  Age qualification  for driving in UAE 
Driver’s age should be from 21 years or 25 years old depending on the car required. Please check the minimum age requirement based on the car category that you want to rent. 
5. Check the inter-emirates travel policies
Traveling between various emirates in UAE is allowed, but do check on inter-emirate drop-off policy and rates. Also except in Oman, rented vehicles are not allowed to cross country borders. For Oman travel please ensure to get the required NOC & Insurance taken, which may carry some additional fees.

6.  Find out Mileage restrictions
Find out if the mileage per day/month is limited or unlimited. If limited, check what the extra costs for exceeding the set mileage are.
7. Choose Add Ons to make your drive comfortable
Fast Rent A Car offers a variety of Add Ons to make your car rental experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Choose from our navigation systems, toddler seats/baby seats/boosters, or add an additional driver for the perfect road trip!
8.  Administration fees/ extra charge may apply
If you are going to rent a car in the UAE, be aware that extra charges may apply. It can also help to know about fuel costs and what violations will incur fees or punishments from the Road Traffic Department.

9. Carry your Credit Card
Credit cards are required for renting a car in UAE. In addition, there is an approval process through the credit card company before you can get started on your rental agreement. As such, please be sure to thoroughly read your contract with Fast Rent A Car so that any release of security deposit or pre-authorization can be fulfilled correctly.

10.  No Smoking
Smoking in our vehicles is not allowed, charges apply in case of breach.
11.  Inspection is necessary
Make sure to inspect the car before signing the rental contract. Inspection form (paper or digital) should be checked by you thoroughly before signing and taking your rental.
12. Return your vehicle on time 
Bringing the vehicle later than the agreed time could result in an additional day/s rental charge. If you anticipate a change in drop-off time, ask the rental agent about the company policy.

The Bottom Line ….
Renting an automobile can be a very rewarding experience, but you  must prepare and do your research before deciding to rent in the United Arab Emirates. Fast Rent A Car is here  to provide you with all the information on how it works or  if you just want some tips about driving safely around UAE’s road
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